Set in a procedurally generated asteroid mine

Use your abilities to navigate the hazardous mine


This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #39 with the theme "running out of power"

You are a Mark-1 Neutron Extraction Robot, or M1NER. The asteroid mining facility has suffered damage from a catastrophic gamma ray burst. All the humans are dead, and the asteroid’s outer shields won’t hold up forever.

It’s up to you, with a little help(?) from your egotistical mainframe master, to figure out a way to reestablish power and save the facility!

Post Ludum Dare updates:

I worked a bit on the game after Ludum Dare, and it now feels more like a complete game. The main points of emphasis were: adding sfx/music and adding mobile platform support. You can read more changes in the Patch Notes section. 


  • Arrow keys to move. Move over a terminal to automatically reboot it
  • 1,2,3,4 keys to activate dash, shield, warp and zoom respectively
  • Enter or Tab to advance dialog
  • F8 to auto-win a level


  • Unity
  • Inkscape

Change Log:

1.1.11 (Post LD Version):

  • Added sound effects and background music
  • Removed necessity to hit spacebar to reboot SACK. Now its automatic on proximity
  • Added key-bindings
    • 1,2,3,4 for dash, shield, warp, zoom respectively
    • Enter or Tab to advance dialog
  • Misc bug fixes and polish


Download (Post-LD Windows) 19 MB
Download (Original LD Web) 4 MB
Download (Original LD src) 173 kB
Download (Original LD Windows) 13 MB

Also available on

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